Feb 23, 2021 · Overview. @Autowire annotation can be applied to a constructor, field, or setter method. It helps to autowire the bean without creating an object using the new keyword. First, and most important – all Spring beans are managed – they “live” inside a container, called “application context”. Second, each application has an entry point .... We can use the @Autowired to mark a dependency which Spring is going to resolve and inject. We can use this annotation with a constructor, setter, or field injection. We can also use @Autowired for interfaces that are well-known resolvable dependencies: BeanFactory, ApplicationContext, Environment, ResourceLoader, ApplicationEventPublisher, and. proper annotation should be used for Spring Boot scanning the bean, like @Component; the scanning path will include the classes just as all others mentioned above. By the way, there is a very good explanation for the difference among @Component, @Repository, @Service, and @Controller. "/>Autowired annotation in spring boot javatpoint